GB Surf WP Team

GB Surf WP Longboard Team 2018

Hi Everyone,

Its all done and dusted! Well done to the following surfers who have been selected to represent WP Longboarding at the 2018 GB Surf SA Longboard Champs at Lamberts Bay!!

WP 2018 Team


  • Matthew Moir
  • Thomas King
  • Michael Grendon
  • Norman Lotz
  • Jake Schoeman
  • Paul O’ Connell


  • Tarryn King
  • Angela Craemer
  • Raylin Wynne
  • Kay Holt
  • Angelica Schon

u14 BOYS

  • Levi Meyes
  • Luke Fourie

u16 BOYS

  • Manoa Robb
  • Nathan Van Vuuren


  • Caroline Brown
  • Malia Paterson

u18 BOYS

  • Jake Schoeman
  • Brad Drummer
  • William Stander
  • Kola Cohen


  • Angelica Schon
  • Anna Jellma-Butler


  • Angela Crarmer
  • Michelle Schoeman


  • Chris Poseman
  • Toby Murphy
  • A J Bowes
  • Whaldo De Kock
  • Darren Ball


  • Ivan Van Vuuren
  • David Jenkins
  • Paul O’ Connell
  • Dion Bing
  • Mark Thunissen


  • David Stubbs
  • Dieter Maehr
  • Keith Kelly


  • Therese Russell
  • Charimine Adams


  • George Bunting
  • Perry Norgarb

We will be holding the Colours Evening this Saturday (14th April) at Oven Baked in Muizenberg. They are not licenced so BYOB but pizzas will be on sale.

I have attached a couple of documents which are important, firstly the Event Flow for the Champs and the SALSA Agenda for the AGM.

There are a number of important matters which need to be discussed at the AGM. If you want to nominate any specific people for the SALSA Committee, please let me know so I can do the necessary. In addition, if you feel something is not being done in Longboarding the way you feel it should be, speak up, but, come with a viable alternative and propose a solution.

Ok, so the other provincial teams have supplied me the names and numbers, and its going to be epic indeed!!!!

We have managed to work out the ‘gaps’ where we could possible accommodate surfers to fill the numbers and have as many competitors as possible for the event.

To those who wanted to surf, but could not be included, my apologies but we only have so much time and need to get through a lot of heats.

Here are the names of the ‘Barbarians’ who can be included:”-

  • J Van Niekerk
  • J Dwyer-Thiem
  • S Moolman
  • A Borton
  • D Patterson
  • C Stubbs
  • D Oosthuizen
  • G Van Vuuren
  • E Gunther
  • G Langridge
  • K Linder
  • V Diebold
  • B Ridgeway
  • P Corbett
  • M st Arnaud
  • D Giovanni

We basically now have an entirely filled event, so a huge thank you to everyone!

If you are NOT able to surf, please let me or a Committee member know ASAP.

For the ‘Barbarians’ the same applies.

The below applies if you are in the ‘Barbarian’ crew:
If you are going to be surfing, we need to levy an entry fee of R250 for the event. This is to cover:-

  • R150 event fee (levied to each competitor. WP Longboarding pay for the official team)
  • R50 to SALSA (Same as above)
  • R50 towards your event t-shirt and dinner voucher at the Closing Function (the event T and voucher actual value is around R230 on its own)

Please let me have payment by Colours Evening, and if there is an issue regarding finances, you know what to do (drop me a mail)

Your Committee have put in a massive amount of work to get the event to this stage and I really believe you will be stoked with what has been planned for the end of April!!!!

See you on Saturday!

Best regards
Carl Zimmerman | Chairman – Western Province Longboarding
Cell: 078 010 7994