The 2016/2017 committee’s Last Dance

Greetings Longboarders,

This will probably be the last communication from us, the current Committee, until the new one is elected…

Firstly, many congratulations to the WP Team for the outstanding performance in Durban! To the division winners, you guys are STARS!

While I was not in Durban, the activity and team spirit which came through on the various group chats was amazing and bodes well for the future.

To our sponsors, Auric Consulting, THANK YOU for your on-going support. We look forward to a long and fruitful future together.

To Hugo Zuani, THANK YOU for the generous donation of T-shirts, much appreciated.

With that being said, the costs of getting the team to Durban, assisting surfers financially and sponsoring the team braai, has certainly caused a dent in our finances. We are stoked to be able to utilise the money YOU GUYS contribute directly for your benefit.

However, there are still a fair amount of fees outstanding which we desperately need to get sorted. Please do your bit so we can do the very best we can to make everyone’s experience as lekker as possible,

Ok, so the Committees tenure is coming to an end, of which has been a busy year and a big learning curve for me particularly.

I would like to thank the Committee, Sponsors, Donors, everyone who came up to me on the beach with positive input, and those who had input on where we could do better.

It all helps to make a better, stronger club.
We now formally give notice that the 2017 AGM will be held on the 13th June 2017 at the Muizenberg Outreach at 7pm.
They are not licenced as far as I know so if you feel like a beer to celebrate your election to the Committee, bring some along…..

Nominations for election to the Committee can be forwarded to me for the positions available, or can be done on the night.

The following persons are / are not available for re-election:-

  • Chair: Carl Zimmerman (Available)
  • Vice: Craig Reid (Not available) Cheree has offered to stand
  • Secretary: Cheree (Not available in this position)
  • Contest Director: Paul O’Connell (Available)
  • Treasure: Carl Zimmerman (Not available in this position) Chris Dunt has offered to stand
  • Social / Fundraising: Charmaine Adams (Not available)
  • Juniors / Development: Position available. (George Bunting is doing such a good job I think he should have this one for life). This is not a position which requires attendance at all meetings.

We really need a big turnout at this years AGM, in view of the fact that we will be host club for next years SA Champs.
We definitely need to elect a dedicated Champs Sub-Committee ASAP as there is a huge amount of work to do.

Folks who have skills / contact / experience / money to assist in Design, Sponsorships, Media, Council contacts etc please put your hand up and help us out.

Lastly, but certainly lost least, lets get as many of our members entering the Tigers Milk Contest (see below) happening here at the Berg on the 9-11 June.

Thanks again and see you at the AGM!

Carl Zimmerman | Chairman – Western Province Longboarding
Cell: 078 010 7994