WP Champs 2016

WP Champs 2016 – 30 & 31 July

Well, what an amazing weekend we had for our Auric WP Champs!

From the Committee, I would once again like to thank the Sponsors, Auric Consulting, Signature Surf & Skate, Sport ‘n Surf and Scarfini for the incredible support for the event.

Also to all the competitors, judges, the venues that kindly let us have opening ceremonies and closing functions at (Striped Horse for the awesome beer), our announcers (Kai Linder, Deon Bing, and Nick Hough our patron), George Bunting & Boetie Torien, who kindly toiled for many hours creating the trophies, The City of Cape Town for assisting us with legal permits & making sure everything was so clean and tidy over the two days, Shark Spotters and NSRI for always being ready to assist, Surfing SA for the generous use of their professional equipment, and to our committee & co-ops who all worked so hard behind the scenes to make this contest a reality – Paul, Charmaine, Cheree, Miles, Susannah, Chris, Craig, plus all spouses & friends, THANK YOU, without the support it would not have been possible.

There are still a few folks who have not yet paid the entry fee, and I will be mailing you individually. It’s your fees which make the engine work and we definitely need your support here.

On a not so positive note, one of the finalist’s prizes (a set of fins) went missing at the prize-giving. If you perhaps took a set of fins in error, please drop them off at Lifestyle or message me privately. No questions asked!

The results for the Champs accompany this mail below and will reflect the placings as well as point scores, as this represented the first of our trials for the WP team to travel to Durban next year.

Division Winner Photos
Some photos from the contest

Our next trial will be held on the weekend of 17 – 18 September, more information to come shortly about that, as well as entry details.

Your committee is already hard at work to make sure we have the best possible team to retake the trophy in Durban!
Tom King 1000
Tristan Lev 860
Kwezi Qika 730
William Wallace 670
Alfonso Peters 610
Paul Chudleigh 610
Darren Dreyer 555
Robin Somogyvari 555
Dylan Swindale 500
Jake Schoeman 500
Miles Gilham 500
Paul O’Connell 500
Mike Oxley 450
Jay Warner 450
Greg Thijsse 425
Mike Blignaut 425
Darren Ball 400
Dre Giovannini 400
Seth De Boer 390

Tarryn King 1000
Kay Holt 860
Angela Craemer 730
Raylin Wynne 670
Cheree Thomson 610
Jessica Gould 610
Susannah Leigh 555
Deborah Paterson 555
Caitlin Brouckaert 500
Jayde Scagell 500
Therese Russell 500

u14 BOYS
Alex Townsend 1000
Simankele Rooi 860
Nathan V Vuuren 730
Josh Dywer Thiem 670
Daniel Lock 610
Kryn Bennie 610
Joe Whales 555
Samuel Hayes 555

Caroline Brown 1000
Daisy Pollard 860
Georgia New 730

u16 BOYS
Jake Schoeman 1000
Ashwin Peters 860
Kola Cohen 730
Nicolas Coleman 670

Angelica Schon 1000
Mia Van Aswegen 860

u18 BOYS
Tristan Lev 1000
Paul S Chudleigh 860
T Van Schoor 730
Seth De Boer 670
Jay Warner 610

Pia Ploughman 1000
Jayde Scagell 860
Genevieve V Vuuren 730
Caitlin Brouckaert 670

Tom King 1000
William Wallace 860
Miles Gilham 730
Dre Giovannini 670
Craig Reid 610

Angela Craemer 1000
Kendal Bennie 860
Susannah Leigh 760
Deborah Paterson 670
Charley Pollard 610
Diony Lalieu 610
Geathe Langridge 555
Aaniyah Omardien 555

Robin Somogyvari 1000
Kai Linder 860
Mike Blignaut 730
Warren Bunting 670
Heinrich Wehmeyer 610
Drew Valentine 610
Darren Ball 555
Bruce Fennessy 555

Paul O’ Connell 1000
Jason Binneman 860
Toby Murphy 730
Waldo De Kock 670
AJ Bowes 610
Chris Poseman 610
Luke Brodziak 555
Andre Roux 555
Jurgen Heydt 500

David Jenkins 1000
Ivan Van Vuuren 860
Andrew Schmidt 730
Mark Theunissen 670
Garyth Bevan 610
Brandon Nash 610
Cobus Joubert 555

Dave Stubbs 1000
Volker Diebold 860
Hugo Zuanni 730
Barend Ridgway 670
Deon Bing 610
Gary Dreyer 610
Isaac February 555
Mark New 555
Carl Zimmerman 500

Therese Russell 1000
Lynn Robertson 860
Charmaine Adams 730
Pam Sutton 670
Carol Roseveare 610

Gary Van Rooyen 1000
Brenton Geach 860
Keith Kelly 730
Perry Norgarb 670
Ronnie Veldhuis 610

Chris Dunt 1000
George Bunting 860
Boetie Toerien 730
Patrick Corbitt 670
Mark Cohen 610

Western Province Longboarding Committee