Statement Regarding Surfing Contests in South Africa

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On Sunday March 15th, the President of South Africa declared a National State of Disaster due to the outbreak of Covid 19 in this country.

Included in his statement was a mandatory ban on sports & cultural events for more than 100 people and a requirement that any sports or cultural event with less than 100 people required express permission from the Provincial Minister of Health or the Deputy Director General of the National Ministry of Health.

This means that UNTIL THE NATIONAL STATE OF DISASTER IS LIFTED that all Surfing events in South Africa will only take place AFTER the National State of Disaster is lifted. This affects EVERY event listed on the SSA Calendar (Grommet Games, Gromcomps, City Surf Series and others).

All smaller events such as selection trials, club contests, schools events and so on are also affected even though they might not attract 100 people or more. In order to run any small surfing event in SSA, clubs, districts, promoters and sponsors MUST apply to the Provincial Minister of Health or the Deputy DG in the National Health Ministry in writing and receive permission or not from these departments.

Once the National State of Disaster has been lifted we can all start planning new dates for our events but until then let’s do our bit as Surfers to comply with Government and Medical requirements so that the curve of this disease can be flattened.


  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly for at least 20secs
  • Keep ethanol based sanitiser with you always in case you cannot get to a wash basin.
  • Don’t touch your face, especially, your eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Don’t hug, kiss or shake hands with anyone.
  • Clean surfaces with peroxide or ethanol frequently.
  • Practice social distancing as per the attached graphic.
  • Reducing social distancing will flatten the curve.
  • Don’t panic, don’t panic buy, don’t buy goods in excess.
  • Follow government guidelines and self isolate if you can.

Social Distancing